Peer Networking Opportunities

You're not in this alone! We believe that when local peers connect, we will move forward faster, have more fun and change the system together!

1 - Brag About Your Work (Share a success)

2 - Ask our Live Human Toolkit 

3 - Participate in monthly networking calls (4th Wednesdays, 1-2)

To participate in networking connections, please contact us!

Recent Topics 

Regulation of Electric Bicycles 

Allying with the Disability Rights Movement (America Walks webinar)

Strategic use of Social Media and Communications Strategies

'Show Us Active' Social Media Action Day

Eminent Domain con't: Featuring special WI Legislature guests     

Eminent Domain & Active Communities: new policy impact

Using Signage to Encourage Physical Activity

Framing Health Equity (with Health Equity Connections / Thrive WI)

To request information or connections regarding a past discussion, please contact us.

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